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JRN Treks is a growing company in Kathmandu Nepal based on trekking. We, Raby & Jit, started our own company after working for foreign trekking companies and now aim to promote trekking in Nepal. Being a naturally prosperous country with the presence of beautiful high Himalayas, the breathtaking views while trekking in Nepal has a broad scope which we aspire to expand. We offer the best trekking at a reasonable price for all the adventure lovers.
Our goal is to give people a ‘once in a lifetime’ holiday!
17 years ago, Jit and Raby started working as a potter for a Dutch trekking company. Thankfully with the help of Hans and Fabienne from the Netherlands since 2006, they both were provided with the opportunity to go to college and get their bachelor’s degree. Due to their good communication and language skills, they were promoted to second guides and later first guides.
They both have a lot of experience as guides because of their years of contribution to a Dutch Trekking company. Jit is not only the trekking guide and operator; he also works as a teacher in his home village Thulo Parsel. Similarly, Raby also has a lot of experience in the tourism business and has worked in different travel and Tour Companies as a tour operator. Raby is also a cultural guide. So, he can offer you a tour in Nepal helping you explore the culture and history of Nepal.