Light Weight Construction Services

What are special features/attributes of Prefab House/Panel?
- Light weight (8 to 10 times lighter than traditional Brick Wall)
- Quick installation (20 times faster than traditional Brick/Block Wall)
- Dry construction (For a clean and dust-free environment)
- Design flexibility (Flexible for future design changes)
- Low space occupancy (Occupies less space than Brick/Block Wall)
- Re-usability of materials (Materials can also be easily reused and relocated at other places)
- Fire Resistant (Panels are fire resistant, fire rating up to 120 minutes)
- Moisture Resistant (Protects damages from dampness because panels are water proof )
- Impact Resistant (Equivalent to impact resistant of masonry)
- Termite Proof (The panels are not affected by termites and prevents damages)
- Good insulation property (Provides good insulation against heat, cold and sound)
- Also suitable for roof-top (room on terrace) construction due to light weight and hassle-free installation works
- Low cost and less manpower (The cost of construction and manpower requirement for the work is lower in comparison to the conventional houses.)


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